Look of the Day / Borrowed From the Boys




8.26.15_ Details

Leather Pants: H&M; Wedge Desert Boots: Aldo; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag; Jewelry: Random assortment of bracelets from Kenyan Flea Market; Flannel Shirt: Vintage; T-shirt: Target 



A lot of fashion folk talk about uniforms. This is one of the of the first pieces of advice I give to my friends when giving them shopping advice. “It’s less about trying new things all of the time and really about figuring out a few uniforms that work for your lifestyle. Then you simply build a wardrobe around those basic equations.” I may look like I change it up every day but really I just rotate between different combinations of uniforms all built for a specific purpose in my life. For example, this is my go-to casual work uniform.

Skinny jeans + boots or sneakers + comfy tshirt + mens button-down shirt (tied around waist so it can double as a coat) = Casual downtown vibe

It’s the perfect studio look, comfortable enough to sit in while sketching all day yet downtown cool enough to go meet “the guy” after work for a drink without having to change. I can wear it to photoshoots and move around easily with my models or run around town to art galleries and fabric stores without feeling like a complete slob.

More on my other life uniforms to come.

💋 Brooks