Current Obsession: Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28

Girl crushes, we all have them. Those woman that just seem to always get it right, even when they are wrong. Olivia Palermo is that girl for me. And part of me hates it, because it’s a bit cliche. Who doesn’t love her effortless makeup, undone hair and classic chic with a boho twist style? And her husband is an equally stylish and equally as handsome German model. She wore a sweater and giant tulle skirt on her wedding day. She pretty much sums up everything I’m not when it comes to personal style: well coiffed and intentional. Maybe that’s why I love her so much, because I’ll never be patient enough to get my hair blown out, I look terrible in a ponytail and ballet flats are never going to be my go-to dog walking choice. That said, I crush hard on the imaginary world of Olivia and her #sundays spent each week with her beau. Side note: If you don’t follow them on Instagram you are missing out on some serious couple goals. That’s an embarrassing to admit truth but seriously they are adorable. 


So why does the fact that Miss Palermo is currently dominating my Pinterest Style board matter today? Because I just saw her release of her collection for Chelsea28 for Nordstrom. And because I can actually see myself pulling off some of these looks, with far messier hair of course.

So what will I be purchasing for my Summer wardrobe? Take a look at my favorite looks below:

Suede Sleeveless TrenchMidi Skirt and BlousePeplum Blouse