Look of the Day / Lazy Fridays




Sisters_Full copy

On Brooks:  Dress: Divided from H&M– similar here; Shoes: Vince Camuto; Bag Belt: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: Justin by RayBan

One benefit of living with your sister and best friends is a more than a tripled wardrobe and one of the best things about sharing is that I get to see all of our clothes styled in three very different ways. My sister and I share a birthday, a size and a closet but have a very different sense of personal style. She always seems to feel a bit more pulled together than I do with her casual cool hipster-teacher vibe. I caught her post class Friday to snap some 5 o’clock photos and am excited to feature her a bit more on the blog especially to show how she styles my staples in the future.

Side note on the messy bun half-up trend: At first I wasn’t a believer, thinking that there was absolutely no way this look was going to be flattering on anyone other than supermodel-esque, baby-faced twenty two year olds but after a few days of dirty hair half up attempts, I’m officially on board. More about my new messy bun obsession to come. 

💋 Brooks

Look of the Day / Girls gone wild


Top and bottom: Target; Shoes: Nine West; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag; Jewelry: Random assortment of bracelets from Kenyan Flea Market

Girls night dinner and drinks wearing my impulse-buy top and bottom from Target. Styling tip: Shorten the top by 1.5″ for an edgier trendy crop top and skirt combo. 

💋 Brooks

Look of the Day / Borrowed From the Boys




8.26.15_ Details

Leather Pants: H&M; Wedge Desert Boots: Aldo; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag; Jewelry: Random assortment of bracelets from Kenyan Flea Market; Flannel Shirt: Vintage; T-shirt: Target 



A lot of fashion folk talk about uniforms. This is one of the of the first pieces of advice I give to my friends when giving them shopping advice. “It’s less about trying new things all of the time and really about figuring out a few uniforms that work for your lifestyle. Then you simply build a wardrobe around those basic equations.” I may look like I change it up every day but really I just rotate between different combinations of uniforms all built for a specific purpose in my life. For example, this is my go-to casual work uniform.

Skinny jeans + boots or sneakers + comfy tshirt + mens button-down shirt (tied around waist so it can double as a coat) = Casual downtown vibe

It’s the perfect studio look, comfortable enough to sit in while sketching all day yet downtown cool enough to go meet “the guy” after work for a drink without having to change. I can wear it to photoshoots and move around easily with my models or run around town to art galleries and fabric stores without feeling like a complete slob.

More on my other life uniforms to come.

💋 Brooks

Look of the Day / Back to Black


Full Length_Portrait copy


Dress: Zara; Over-the-knee boots: Bakers Shoes; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag; Jewelry: Cuff from Forever 21, Bracelet from Kenyan Flea Market


I, personally, love the late summer weather in San Francisco. The mild heat allows me to live in my favorite combination of dresses and boots. These last few years, I have built quite the collection of over-the-knee boots– one might say I’m a bit obsessed and they have become part of my weekly uniform. Between the boots and the micro-mini hemlines hanging on every available space, my room hints at quite the Pretty Woman vibe.

Two things about these boots that I’ve learned over the years of experimenting with them: 1. These aren’t shoes you wear to NOT get attention. No matter what you pair them with, just accept the cat calls and “Wow, great boots Miss.” But let’s be honest, you don’t wear over-the-knee boots to be discrete. And 2. They pair best with slouchy layers, longer hemlines or second-skin denim. If you really want to rock the mini hemline — and, yes, I have my Pretty Woman moments too– just throw on an oversized sweater or sheer black tights to keep it more city street chic and less city street walker.

Full disclosure: Ever since I recently started posting my outfits on 5 o’clock, I’ve had this urge to purchase more statement purses and sunglasses. For anyone that knows me and my personal style, this is a very strange reaction. Blogging definitely makes you feel as if you have to be more accountable for your fashion choices each day. It gets kind of redundant showing detail shots of the same bag and shoe every post. Honesty, in the past, I’ve never been the girl who needed 10+ designer bags and glasses to rotate between my looks. I was never a bag girl. Every Christmas, I buy myself a new handbag, usually a practical, black, cross-body bag and after about a year I’m just about ready for a new one. My accessory choices have always been based in practicality above all else. Lately, however, I crave a bit more diversity. 

We will see where this new chapter of accessories takes me but I promise you – Dear Reader- that I’m going to try and stick with that kind of authenticity while posting on here. More power to the ladies out there that can remember to switch their car keys, wallet and various smart devices to a new corresponding bag each morning but, I’ll be honest, I’m lucky if I get out of the house with my sanity and the puppy in tow. #realtalk #workingonit #bloggerproblems

💋 Brooks

Look of the Day / Girls in Glasses


Top: Forever21, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Denim: “Krista” Super Skinnies by Hudson Jeans, Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction 

It has taken me almost two decades to finally love wearing my glasses. Until the last 5 years, they were always relegated to the nightstand, ready for late nights and early mornings. The interesting thing about embracing the nerd within is that each pair I buy only seem to get more fashion focused and less about a flattering match with my face. Take this pair, for example, they may not do anything to enhance my features but they sure do make me feel cool. Nerdy cool, of course.

And the key to embracing nerdy chic? Make sure the rest of the look makes you feel sexy. Take today’s look, the subtle cropped waist and skinny jeans made me forget I was wearing man-repellant shades. Beauty tip: An exaggerated lip, cat key liner and full brows seem to be the trick for me.

💋 Brooks

Look of the Day / Florals

5oclock_florals_details OOTD_florals_square OOTD_florals_2 

Dress: Lush Clothing, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Jacket: Gap1969, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff, Hat: H&M

I tend to be a woman of extremes in all areas of life, including my wardrobe. When I’m not dressing in head to toe black, as you’ve seen so far on 5 o’clock, I’m wearing big, bold and bright prints like this floral dress by Lush. I do, however, still find a need to edge my florals up by pairing them with black leather details like these chunky, stacked gladiator sandals by Vince Camuto. And what better way to manage this unpredictable San Francisco weather then a super comfy and classic distressed denim jacket from Gap.

💋 Brooks

Look of the Day / Sunshine and Sun Hats




On Brooks // Dress: Brandy Melville, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff, Hat: H&M

On FemSteph // Skirt: Express; Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Top: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Michael Kors

Sunday in San Francisco was blissfully sunny. It finally felt like a true summer at 79 degrees. No jacket needed San Francisco weather is hard to come by and the streets of the Marina District swarm with sundress clad twenty somethings. Sun hat in hand, I spent the day with my best friend and smokeshow Twitch gaming sensation FemSteph. Not sure that any of us imagined that real life gamers dressed like that on their days off. Lucky for you Dear Reader, I convinced her to do a few guest appearance snaps for 5 o’clock during our lunch. Side note: our day turned quickly to night and I found myself out and about in these super comfy flatforms from Urban Outfitters. This is a trend I could get used to.

💋 Brooks

Look of the Day / Skater Girl

IMG_6214 IMG_2195IMG_6219

Skirt: Brandy Melville, Top: Forever21, Leather Jacket: H & M, Sunglasses: RayBan

I’ve always had an issue pulling off the skater skirt trend. I was in middle school the first time the trend hit us. I styled them with oxford and knee socks a la Clueless and with Doc Martens and flannel waists a la Seattle grunge. Neither version ever felt quite right. As a woman with a bit of a derriere for my small frame, the fit and length never seemed to do much for me. I have the same apprehension with the shift dress. Rather than skim my form subtly it always seemed to catch me at the entirely wrong part. Then along came the skater skirt + crop top combination and I decided to give the trend another try 15 years later, this time with a bit of an edge.

I’ve tried everything from full circle skirts to semi-circle pleated cuts and still couldn’t find my perfect skater shape. Finally, I ran across this version from Brandy Melville and with its seaming and subtle pleats I may have finally met my match.

Look of the Day / Meet me at dusk


I impulsively bought this handkerchief dress 7 years ago hanging on a sale rack at Bebe. It was one of those “no idea where I’ll where it but something tells me I need to own this” moments. The 75% discounted price tag sealed the deal for me. Years later and it has had a permenent home in the back of my closet, only being pulled out once for an impromptu beach holiday in Mexico. Then one of the first actual days on summer heat in San Francisco appeared. Not quite hot enough for just a sundress and sandals, but not cold enough for a jacket. So the handkerchief dress made its second appearance. And I fell in love with it all over again.

Here’s the thing about tent dresses, you never really feel sexy in them. I wouldn’t call them date night dresses and they certainly aren’t for me on those not-so-confidant body image days. I will, however, say that on this particular day the tent dress won me over. It may be the male nightmare, forever destroying their obsession with the sundress but I will say this: It sure does make you want to spins in circles on rooftops.

Dress: Bebe, Hat: Rag & Bone, Shoes: Sam Edelman