Fitness / I left my heart in…

I’ll be honest with you, when photographer, Chris Linn, asked me to wake up for a 5:45 AM call time for our sunrise fitness shoot last month, the first thing I thought was, “I am going to sleep-run off the San Francisco pier and end up doing laps with the fishes at some point this morning.” Noted: I am not an early riser by nature, and especially not when it comes to my work out schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely experienced the high that comes from starting your day with those 6 am yoga classes and stair runs in a still sleeping city. I guess it’s just never been enough to get my well-rested booty to the gym before 8 am. That said, it was much easier than I expected to work up a bit of a sweat when I got to enjoy a view like this. I decided to take the new low-impact sportsbra collection from BBDfitness for a test run -pun absolutely intended – as well as my go-to running pant, the Maya Basic Crop.

What about you, dear reader? Do morning or evening workouts suit you best?

💋 Brooks