Holiday Dressing Part 2 / Printed Full Skirt



Shopping Guide:

Printed Asymmetrical Skirt: Fleur de Paris – purchased on recent trip to New Orleans.

Scrappy Black Sueded Heels: Forever 21

Velvet Choker: Gifted on Italia Collection shoot – purchased from Nordstrom.

Black Bustier: Bebe


Holiday Party 2: 

What and where: Annual family holiday tradition to see a play (this year Cirque de Soleil) and get a nice dinner together (Epic Steakhouse). Side note: We ALWAYS end up taking our family Christmas photo together so you kind of HAVE to kill it on this night every year.

What I wore: A dramatic printed skirt and bustier top.

Why I chose it: My parents aren’t conservative – thankfully – and my extended family appreciates fashion risks. I also recently bought this skirt in NOLA I felt like I had to find somewhere to wear it, this event was a safe bet and I knew it would be forever documented in our annual family photo so that motivated me a bit.

How did it go: I’ll be honest, I was pretty cold and put on a sweater after about five minutes but it was definitely a great choice for photos.

 Next up: My best friend’s stand in date to the Lyft holiday party on Thursday!


💋 Brooks

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