Hi there, I’m Brooks! I’m an artist by day, aspiring writer by night, and this is my fashion, travel and lifestyle blog. I live in San Francisco, have a sweet little mutt-of-a-dog named Baloo, and a passion for building a life fully saturated with creativity.  I began my career as a model turned stylist but discovered that my passion for creativity extended far beyond the camera. I decided to pursue a career in the arts and after receiving my BFA, I began truly immersing myself in the world of fashion, art and design. 5 o’clock Sunday was born after years of requests from my family and friends to create something tangible so they can keep track of my creative collaborations, artistic works, ever-evolving daily style, and frequent trips across the globe.

So …what’s in a name?:

I have always been predisposed to a bit of artistic spontaneity and, in turn, routines aren’t really my thing. While studying, I fit perfectly into the art school cliche. Some nights were spent in the studio until early morning hours sketching, painting or designing while others were spent searching for the cure to my creative block by exploring the city streets. I had a tendency to lose track of what time or day it was but there was one consistency I stuck to every week. Every Sunday at around 5 pm I’d find somewhere to sit quietly in place for a few hours and pull tear sheets for inspiration. Most often it was from newspapers and magazines and other times I’d write down exerpts from interesting articles or my favorite books. No matter the form, or where in the world I was, 5 o’clock Sunday was a time to allow myself to be inspired.

I hope you enjoy sharing a small peek into my world. Enjoy!

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