Holiday Dressing Part 3 / Jumpsuit


Shopping Guide:

On Brooks:

Off-the-shoulder jumpsuit: Jay Godfrey via Nordstrom (another similar version here)

Velvet Choker: Gifted on Italia Collection shoot – purchased from Nordstrom.

On Chantelle:

Off-the-shoulder velvet trapeze dress: Alpha Omega

Lace Choker: Resurrection


Holiday Party 3: 

What and where: A corporate company holiday party at city hall.

What I wore: An off-the-shoulder wide legged jumpsuit and sky high heels.

Why I chose it: My date didn’t specify a dress code so I figured that this dressy designer jumpsuit could pass easily between cocktail to semi-formal to an edgy take on black tie.

How did it go: I’ll be honest, I could have gotten away with a gown and kind of wish I had but this was a safe bet and is a super flattering and versatile addition to my closet.

Next up this week: What I wore to the Guardsmen Christmas Tree Lot Party which is a cocktail party where anything goes and you are bound to run into at least one ex-boyfriend. Spoiler alert: I got the pleasure of seeing two of them in the first 5 minutes. Thank god for plunging necklines.


💋 Brooks