Mixed Berries / Look of the Day

Shopping Guide:

Berry Sleeveless Knit Sweater: BP by Nordstrom (similar here)

Quilted Leather Boots: Nordstrom Rack (similar here)

Berry Sueded Skort: 3.3 Field Trip by Project 20 (similar here)

Black Wool Jacket: Zara (similar here)

All Jewelry from Boutique Fawn


I know it’s shocking – note subtle sarcasm – but I do not have a team of professionals at my disposal every morning ready to document my daily outfits. For someone who works so often with professional photographers, I’ve realized how awkward and slightly unprofessional it would be to ask them to snap a quick OOTD picture of me in between takes. Yes, we will be avoiding those eye rolls, thank you very much. That said, most of these blog photos are the result of me asking a slightly annoyed but willing friend to grab my camera and “5 o’clock me” as we’ve started to call it. It was certainly easier when I lived with my younger sister who simply can’t justify refusing to help me. On a lucky day, however, I get to meet up with one of my photographer friends for coffee or work dates and then the magic happens. You know the magic I’m talking about. They basically make me look taller, thinner and younger than I actually am IRL or on my i-Phone 6. I’m telling you, the right lens, the right light and the right person holding the camera certainly changes things – note above images.


One thing that becomes blindingly clear when you start to document your outfits is that you quickly comes to terms with any and all of your style habits. For example, I like skirts. Apparently a lot. Skirts and boots, skirts and knee socks, skirts and tights. Oh, and I don’t accessorize well. I’m not sure I care about that one but I may decide to work on it someday. Someone I find it in me to accessorize my clients, my models and my shoots but I think when it comes to me I’m just lazy. I may not look lazy, but I have a very short attention span and accessories are mostly limited to a handful of go-to pieces. Let’s be honest, it takes enough thought in the morning to pick out a fashionable outfit before the dog begs me for a walk let alone match my purse to my shoes and then rinse and repeat at work all day long. Let’s call it minimalism for now, we can call it laziness later.


Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve recently been obsessed with the colors berry, burgundy, wine and maroon. Need proof? Check out the last few blog posts, berry lips and legs are everywhere. Now here’s the funny thing about this, back in the 90s my mother wore a whole LOT of this color. It was everywhere, it was on her, it was on the drapes, it was in the floral printed couch; even our plates had berry edging on them at one point. She just could not get enough of this wine red palette and I absolutely hated it. I was a pre-teen and I’m pretty sure anything she wore or liked at the time was going to become “a thing” with me. But really, my sister and I terrorized her about the color telling her it was “a total mom color” and “so not cool.” Well kids, Mom still wears berry and now I’m the fool because I finally realized that it is so universally flattering it’s unfair.


Conclusion: Sorry Mom, teenagers are the worst. Oh, and your vintage Levis 505 “Mom jeans” were pretty cool too. 



Until next time!

💋 Brooks