Spotted Shopping on Maiden Lane

It was Friday, and I was in need of shopping.

Every Friday, musician Chantelle Paige and blogger Breana Taylor (from try to get together for a blogger coffee or lunch date. I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s ends with a bit of shopping. Usually, it’s a nice little excuse to put on something photo worthy and snap a few photos on our networking date but I was in a bit of a rush on Friday so I need something cute, comfortable and quick. And something that worked well with dirty hair (hence the bun and sun hat). I’m usually one of two extremes, a jeans and t-shirt girl or a sundress girl and there isn’t a lot of in between. It was nice, however, to change up my neutral tee game and throw in a crazy print. I’m sure you’ve also noticed now my obsession with vintage silk scarves. Not sure if I’ve decided I was Parisian in another life or just really wish headscarfs and vintage convertibles were a normal part of my daily routine but they add some intention to an otherwise basic outfit. 

Funny side note: Moments after this photo was taken I had a mild panic attack after spotting my ex-boyfriend walking towards me across the street. Cue hot sweats and internal panic about my choice of heel height and 4 minutes later he was gone and Bre was fanning my face. Did I mention I’m a bit of a head case? It’s always the day you didn’t wash your hair, or your face (let’s just be honest) that you run into that guy. Oh well, all the more motivation to give you interesting OOTDs I suppose. 

Shopping Guide:

Want to snag my look? I’ve included the links to the same or similar items below, happy shopping!

Leopard Tee: Pull&Bear

High-waisted jeans: H&M

Suede Ankle Boots: Kendall & Kylie via Nordstrom Rack

Johanna Straw Hat: Brixton via Nordstrom

Scarf: Vintage 

Sunglasses: Picked up during my visit travels in Berlin

Until next time!

💋 Brooks

Moments / Friday Night Lights // 8.25.15

IMG_2278Friday Night Lights


I spent most of this weekend catching up on some much needed rest and studio time but was lucky enough to sneak away for a short girl’s shopping trip in downtown San Francisco. Maiden Lane will always be one of my favorite streets and we snuck in just a few shots before the sun went down. I’m wearing my go to work uniform in head to toe black and leather but I’m looking forward to sharing some of my new Pre-Fall purchases with you on 5 o’clock later this week.

💋 Brooks